Girls . PERIOD

VIDEO: The Girl Effect

“Who run the world? GIRLS!” Beyoncé knows best. And here at Les Sublimes we also believe that women can change the world. That’s why we’ve decided to combine something that women love (clothes!) with something that women need (like you know…pads). With our ONE PIECE. ONE GIRL. ONE MONTH program, we support a young schoolgirl in Kenya with one month of reproductive goodies every time you purchase an item of Les Sublimes clothing. We’re talking pads, clean undies, and reproductive health education, all via the incredible team over at Zana Africa.

In many parts of the world, girls still skip one week of school each month when they have their periods. They can’t afford clean underwear or sanitary products, so they often have to stay home. Helping a girl to stay in school reduces her chances of getting married and having children in her teens, and increases her chances of finding a well-paying job as an adult. At the same time, it also greatly reduces the risk of infant mortality, maternal deaths and the tragic effects of malnutrition. A working woman is empowered to make her own choices. She opens up opportunities for her family, and is given a voice in her community.

Change is possible when we start with one girl.