The Sublime Standard

The Sublime Standard

Our Responsible Code of Conduct

1. Products are designed and manufactured to maximize durability and the life of the product.

2. At least 50% of the raw materials used in a product must have a lower-environmental impact, for example linen, modal and recycled polyester.

3. Products may contain a maximum of 15% synthetic fibers, such as viscose, spandex and non-recycled polyester.

4. Certified raw materials and production facilities must provide proof of inspection and certification annually.

5.  Our products are free of toxic chemicals and are certified Oeko-Tex 100.

6. No animals suffer in the production of our products.

7. Manufacturers recover as much as possible any chemicals and pollutants used during the production process.

8. Artisans and factory workers involved in making our products earn a living wage and are treated respectfully according to international labor rights standards.

9. Products are packaged using eco-friendly materials.

10. Regional manufacturing is prioritized to reduce the amount of transportation required throughout production and our e-commerce shipping is carbon neutral.

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