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Ethical Production

In Soko's own words: "For something to be beautiful, the system that created it must also be beautiful." We couldn't agree more.

Soko works with a network of over 2000 artisans, distributed around urban and rural Nairobi. Their ethical and transparent "virtual factory" model leverages Kenya's existing mobile phone infrastructure with supply chain innovation, giving independent artisan entrepreneurs access to the global marketplace at a larger scale. Using Soko's specialized mobile app, makers can receive and fulfill orders directly on their phones, manage their own inventories and delivery times, and earn a living wage. Soko's workforce of artisans are entirely independent, often using micro loans to invest in smart phones and the right supplies to launch into entrepreneurship. Going far beyond fair trade, this business model allows for up to 30% of Soko’s revenues to be distributed back into local communities, sustainably increasing incomes.

The artisan craft industry is one of the largest employers in the developing world, yet makers tend to be limited to selling locally, often unable to earn enough income to support their families and businesses long-term. Soko's unique supply chain increases incomes for artisans five times over what they would be earning selling fair trade. Now that's a game-changing business we're proud to support.

Eco-Friendly Materials

This jewelry collection is made from recycled brass, a beautiful and affordable alternative to gold. By using solid brass, rather than a plated base metal, our pieces are durable (they stay prettier, longer!), easy to clean and resistant to their colour wearing off.

Our Products

We produce all of our upcycled brass jewelry in partnership with Soko. Each item is handmade by skilled artisans in small production runs. Subtle variations and imperfections are considered a trademark of handmade craftsmanship and the unique beauty of each product.


Remove your jewelry before any athletic activity or going to bed.

Store your items between use in the cloth bag provided.

Brass isn't a big fan of moisture. Try to avoid contact with water, lotions and perfumes.

Brass will gradually patina over time with exposure to oxygen and moisture. If you prefer a bright sheen, you can give it a quick polish. We recommend mixing lemon juice and baking soda into a paste, rubbing it onto the surface with a soft cloth, then rinsing off and buffing dry to a shine. This will remove tarnish and restore luster.

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