Introducing Sheereen - Les Sublimes brand ambassador and style advisor. She's been a huge supporter of Les Sublimes from the beginning, sharing our love for travel, sustainability and simple, stylish clothing. We sat down with Sheereen during her recent trip to Paris to learn more about her love for travel, her effortless style and her exciting new startup. 





Age: 31
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Hometown: Vancouver
Current City: Istanbul
Studied: International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS, London
Restaurant: Le Relais de L’Entrecote in Paris for steak frites
Drink of Choice: Champagne
Guilty Pleasure: Rooftop patios
Shop: Ipekyol in Istanbul
Style Icon: Blake Lively 
Quick Summer Getaway: France's Côte d'Azur
Winter Destination: Vancouver
Listening To: Riff Cohen and Nancy Ajram
Reading: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy




How many countries have you been to so far?

About 40.

What is the most exciting country you have visited recently?

Iran - it hasn't been discovered yet by mass tourism so you can still experience authentic Persian culture wherever you go. Unlike what you might expect, it's incredibly modern, stylish and has the most amazing cuisine. The Persian architecture never ceases to impress me and the people are incredibly kind.

Which country is next on your list?

Uzbekistan – they have stunning textiles.

You have lived in several different countries. Any tips for living like a local when you get there?

Make as much effort to learn the local language as possible. Go to local Meetup groups. Live central so you can take advantage of events and go out a lot! Join a nice gym.

What are the must-have travel items in your suitcase?

A black t-shirt, black body-con pencil skirt, Mavi skinny jeans, my Massimo Dutti leather jacket, black heels, gold jewelry, a Longchamp Pliage purse, M.A.C. Satin Rebel purple lipstick (I wear bright lipsticks day and night), L’Oreal Ultra Black Mascara, and my Camper sneakers for running around town.

How would you define your style?

Mark Zuckerburg?…just kidding. But my uniform is pretty much ankle jeans and a great fitting black t-shirt. I throw on a pair of heels to dress up the look, or switch it up with a cute skirt. I would say that my style is a modern take on the classics. Mostly in black and grey.


Does your style change depending on the country you visit?

Not any more. I used to have different looks depending on the place I was in so that I would blend in more as a local, but you can’t really go wrong wearing basics wherever you go, so I’m quite consistent.

What are you working on right now?

I’m currently developing a web platform that links people who have a skill with others who want to learn something new. It is also a space where institutions (other than universities) can post their local courses online. All classes take place offline, to get people out in their communities. The website in launching soon at and it will be a great way to meet locals in your neighborhood with similar interests. A percentage of each transaction will go to local charities.

We are a big believer in using business to give back. Why are sustainability and charity important to you?

I’m big into reducing my personal environmental impact. I like to stay current on global affairs and realize that the trend in over consumption is not ok for my generation nor the future. So living a lifestyle that is considerate of nature and other people is not a choice for me, it's the only option.

What everyday things do you do to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

The basics – such as recycling, reducing water usage, buying things with less packaging. I try not to buy things that I don’t need, and I take public transportation. Going forward I would like to offset my air travel. If we all just focused on improving the little wasteful habits in our daily lives, together we could make a huge difference in the world!


** Sheereen will be sharing more travel tips and insider secrets from her favorite international destinations! Check out our blog for the latest stories! **

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