We're crazy about silky soft micromodal, a semi-synthetic fiber made from sustainably-harvested beechwood trees. It's produced by Lenzing in Austria using a special closed-loop, eco-friendly process. More luxurious than cotton, with the same natural properties, minus all lot of the bad stuff.

Tokyo Tank in Lenzing Modal

sustainable forests

The beechwood that is transformed by Lenzing into modal fibres comes from sustainably managed forests in the European Union. No deforestation, no heavy soil degradation or disruption of eco-systems. They plant back what they grow. And because these trees don't need harsh fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides to grow, they are great choice among other plant-based fibres.

less water

Since modal comes from trees, they grow naturally with only rainwater. No irrigation necessary. During the transformative process from wood pulp to modal fibre, Lenzing estimates about X water. This is X less than the water required to produce the same quantity of cotton. And Lenzing makes sure to leave the water they use as clean after as it was when they got it, so we don't have to worry about polluted waterways around the factory.

low pollution

The closed loop manufacturing process used to create modal assures that over 99% of the non-toxic solvent is recycled and pushed back into the system instead of being flushed out as wastewater. And if it's not healthy for nature, it's not good for our skin either. Lenzing modal has been certified Oeko Tex 100 for containing low levels of manufacturing chemicals and byproducts.


It does take energy to transform the beechwood pulp into modal, but the good news is that Lenzing uses 100% renewable energy to minimize GHG emissions. In fact the even use the bi-products from the production process to power their plants so that nothing they use goes to waste.

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