Alexis Assoignon & Kachen Hong, Co-founders

Our Story

In the Autumn of 2014, ten years after becoming friends in university, Alexis and Kachen set off on an adventure to Nepal. The trip would change their lives. Traveling around the country, they discovered breathtaking scenery, a rich culture, and inspiring people. During a trek through the Himalayan mountains, they had time to reflect on these moving encounters. How to support these incredible locals who have been so kind and generous? And how to preserve this beautiful natural paradise?

Alexis and Kachen shared their dreams, which gradually become ideas. They realised that by combining their professional backgrounds, Fashion and Sustainable Development, they had the foundations to create a responsible business model that supports nature and developing communities, while aspiring to the best in design and quality. In the majestic mountains for Nepal, Les Sublimes - a brand of clothes that enhances the beauty of women and the beauty of the world - was born.

Kachen Hong

Passionate about sustainability, Kachen turned her beliefs into her day job, getting a Masters degree in sustainable development at Sciences Po Paris. Her career began as a consultant in the public and private sectors, covering topics around social and environmental innovation. For several years, she studied and guided major projects. Gradually, Kachen began to merge her big-picture beliefs into her everyday lifestyle, adopting more eco-friendly shopping habits: buying organic and local when possible, shopping in second-hand and antique markets for home goods, and reducing her waste.

But for her wardrobe, it was another story. Not only were her options in fashion very limited, but also more expensive and less appealing. Together with Alexis, Kachen decided to create a new brand that does not compromise! A brand that will make women and the world sublime.

Alexis Assoignon

Alexis made her fashion dreams a reality. A graduate of Parsons The New School of Design in New York, Alexis has worked for several luxury brands, including Louboutin and Calvin Klein. she landed in France armed with Canadian enthusiasm and a background in marketing and strategic sales. A life-long traveler, Alexis saw first-hand the many faces of the fashion industry around the world. Despite her love for clothes, she discovered how much exploitation and environmental harm was being caused by brands that publicly encourage social responsibility.

Alexis began to question the industry she loves so much, searching for stylish alternatives that also create a positive impact. She realised that a company based on the principles of sustainability and social equity could be the solution to what is missing in the fashion industry, and began to imagine a brand that stands up for these values, without compromise. With Kachen, Alexis found the ideal partner to make fashion and the world sublime.

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