French Essentials
Inspired by real life

In our Paris studio we design our dream collection of French essentials and wardrobe staples. We study every detail of the garment to ensure a modern fit, the perfect cut and high quality details. Each design is made using luxurious, eco-friendly fabrics. And always by highly-skilled fair-factories. When a style sells out, we re-stock it, so that you can always find your favourite pieces.

Our Less Is More Product Philosophy

Our Product Philosophy

How much clothes do we all own? And how much do we actually wear on a regular basis? It feels like we have a closet full of clothes and still nothing to wear!

We want to take the guesswork out of shopping by offering a thoughtfully-curated wardrobe for the conscious consumer. French style is about quality over quantity. Finding that timeless, luxurious piece that leaves you feeling beautiful on the inside and out. Our collection is a mix of uncomplicated staples that you will actually reach for every day. The essentials of your daily routine.

French Essentials

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