Factory Values

Our Fair Factories

Like you, we want a world where people feel free, safe, and happy. We place a high value on the quality of life of everyone involved in creating our clothes. It is our mission to create jobs that break with the cycle of poverty and empower growth. When you shop Les Sublimes, you are supporting a long line of garment workers, artisans, farmers, nomads and working mamas with good jobs - creating employment that promotes financial independence and education of women. #coolgirlscare

Living Wages

Whether in France our abroad, you can be sure that everyone making your clothes earns a fair, living wage.

Keeping It Local

You won’t find our products jet-setting around the world unless they’re in your suitcase. It just makes sense: Less transportation, more economic benefits for the local community. The countries richest in natural resources don’t always benefit from these riches, since they lack the necessary infrastructure and skilled workers to transform them into products. Developing a shorter supply chain allows local communities to grow economically by creating more qualified and stable jobs.

Fair Working Conditions

You can be proud that the hard-working people making each Les Sublimes piece enjoy fair labour rights. That means reasonable working hours, freedom of association, sick & pregnancy leave, health coverage and a safe working environment. Forced labor and child labor are absolutely forbidden.

Lower Environmental Impact

We’re continuously working with our production partners to find ways to minimize waste, energy consumption and our impact on local ecosystems. We choose factories that recycle fabric scraps (for other uses like insulation), recover low-impact dyes & chemicals (they're not going in rivers, thank you!), and prioritize alternative energy sources.

Les Sublimes Made With Love

See Inside Our Ateliers

Our collections are sewn in production ateliers with renown savoir-faire and a glowing reputation among the luxury houses.


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