Meet Audrey - our second Les Sublimes brand ambassador and style advisor. Audrey embodies the Les Sublimes aesthetic of effortless French style mixed with the spirit of a global citizen. We caught up with the Paris-based beauty to learn more about her adventures, her exotic heritage and her jet-setting travel tips.





Age: 32
Occupation: Product Manager
Heritage: French Vietnamese
Living In: Paris
Studied: Entrepreneurial Management at Lille Business School
Restaurant: Le Galopin in Paris for a 7-course farm-to-table gourmet menu
Drink of Choice: Caïpirinha
Guilty Pleasure: a shopping spree
Shop: Abudabibazar in Paris
Quick Summer Getaway: Not quick… in Summer! Long trip in Asia every year
Winter Destination: Family time in Paris
Listening To: Marvin Gaye & Babyface
Reading: Wuthering Heights
Watching: The After




How do you balance your French and Vietnamese cultural backgrounds?

Well, food is definitely where I experience my dual heritage the most! Soy sauce on everything, whether the meal is Vietnamese or not. I also like to cook and am learning everything from my father how to make recipes passed down by my grand-mother. It’s part of my inheritance. When I’m too lazy to cook, I don’t think twice about going to the 13th arrondissement for a delicious Phở!

How many countries have you been to so far?


Which country is next on your list?

Laos in October for my best friend’s wedding – complete with traditional outfits and customs!

What is the most incredible trip you’ve ever had?

The most exciting remains Australia…the country feels like a giant zoo! I have never felt so free before.

I traveled through the country in a “wicked” van, discovering lots of different landscapes, indigenous animals, and some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met.

Australia in a nutshell: freedom, fun and sun!

Where do you go to escape from busy Parisian life for a few days?

My husband and I love to go to this lovely place close to Barcelona called Torrent for a short getaway. Being there you feel so refreshed! The Spanish food there is amazing and the weather in Spring is lovely.

What are your essentials for staying stylish and comfy on holidays, while still packing light?

My little 3-day suitcase generally includes a comfortable black dress that can be worn casually with sneakers or dressed-up with a pair of high heels and some fun accessories. A couple of plain, loose t-shirts in black and white to pair with a mini skirt or denim shorts. Basically simple things that can be adapted and look very different depending on my shoes and accessories!

Do you have any beauty rituals when traveling?

Colorless high definition powder to stay matte in all circumstances, and mascara! The rest doesn’t matter too much as long as my skin complexion is ok.



What are the must-have travel items in your suitcase?

Jean shorts and as many tops as my suitcase can fit! A cotton dress, a pair of heels, my Stan Smiths, a pair of Tropézienne sandals and my Panama hat. My small vintage brown leather bag and a red lipstick (M.A.C. Red Satin - looks like I’m not the only fan!).

How would you define your style?

Bipolar! Shoes are definitely my worst addiction. I wear high heels throughout the week with a dress, skirt or ankle pants, a paired with a loose top and rolled-sleeve suit jacket. On weekends I relax in my favorite pair of jeans, a cosy sweater, and flats!

Key consistent accessory: carefully chosen handbag. My little weakness when it comes to bag is Saint grey Duffle,  my purple Muse II by Saint Laurent or my Chyc East West them all!

How do you incorporate sustainability into your Parisian lifestyle?

I am a 100% city-slicker and I often don’t get to participate in sustainable initiatives as much as I would like, but at my very humble level I do recycle, switch lights off when I’m not in the room and I buy my groceries in organic and sustainable shops. I also buy fresh, local and seasonal food. 

Has your love of foreign travel affected how you see the world?

Yes. Traveling has given birth to a sensibility in me. I have met people who are willing to share everything they have and who also manage to maintain a giant smile regardless of their troubles. I have seen populations who have been devastated by genocide but remain still more optimistic than most citizens from developed nations. So as much as possible, again at my very humble scale, I try to help or simply give my support to those people. 

If you could do a work exchange in any city around the world, where would you go?

I wouldn’t have thought that this would be so difficult to choose! I would love to live for some time in New York, Sydney and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). I am especially drawn to those three cities and I’m not too sure which one is the strongest. The excitement of New York, the free spirit of Sydney and my heart in Saigon…


** Audrey will be sharing more of her Parisian travel advice and international recommendations from past and upcoming adventures! Check out our blog for the latest stories! **

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