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Ilka Elise B Fruit Smoothie Bowl


Hi you lovely people, my name is Ilka from the blog IlkaEliseB, and I'm super excited to guest post for Les Sublimes. So hello and here we go.

As I said, my name is Ilka. I'm 24 years old and currently located in Hamburg, Germany. In this little series I'd like to share some thoughts, tips and recipes with you, all based around an animal / cruelty free diet. But don't be scared. It's actually really easy and fun. 
So let's get started, shall we?!

I'd like to break this series down into three parts:
  1. What I eat. And what I do not. How I became vegan.
  2. What a vegan diet means to me
  3. How to start a vegan / more healthy diet + tips
Plus, I'll share a quick and easy recipe over on my blog (just follow the link).

    Ok, as we just met, welcome to Episode One.  

    Ilka Elise B Fruit Smoothie Bowl



    First of all, I don't call myself a vegan. Yes, I don't eat animal products, but I still wear leather here and there. And even though I don't like the word diet, that’s what describes it the best. 

    Lately vegan has become such a huge word and people often wonder, what the heck do vegans eat ? 
When you think about it, most dishes contain animal products. But they often forget that there is a ton of products you can use to replace dairy or meat. For example, almond- coco- or soymilk. 
One thing I got used to is reading the ingredients before I eat. So I know exactly with what nourishes my body. But most times I try to eat or cook with fresh ingredients. And there are a few staples which always have a place on my grocery list. Bananas, limes, frozen berries...

    I often hear people say „I couldn't live without grilled cheese.“ or „ I need (cow) milk in my coffee.“ For me, as I never was a huge dairy or meat consumer it was relatively easy to quit animal products but I do understand that it can be hard or even impossible, just because you don't want to miss certain tastes. And that's totally ok. But what if you could replace just a few of your animal products? As I said cow milk can be easily replaced by coconut milk. Or eggs in your cake become peanut butter. There are so many little tips and tricks. And not just to improve the environment, it will also improve your physical health. You'll lose a few pounds (yes, cow milk is for calves, so that they can grow fast!). Maybe your skin get's better, because often milk messes with your hormones which produce more tallow, result acne.

    But I have to admit, I have a little agreement with myself. When I'm on vacation and there is a local dish or dessert, which I really want to try, I let myself. It's like 'cheat day' but it happens so rarely that it's ok and compatible with myself.

    Ilka Elise B Fruit Smoothie Bowl


    Let's go back in time. When I was little, my Mama always took care of what I ate. I wasn't allowed to have much sweets, instead she always handed me fresh fruits and veggies. We ate meat just every once in a while. And most times milk, desserts and yogurts were made from soy milk.

    When I was older, in my teen years, my Mama gave me the permission to decide on my own what I wanted to eat and consume and so I had meat and cow milk regularly. After a few years (in my early 20s) of just consuming whatever I wanted, I started to take better care of my body and so I slowly got into a vegan diet. I didn't want to gain weight just because I consume something that’s not meant to be for humans and I wanted to improve my appearance. And after reading some articles and watching some documentaries I was assured. 
I was raised with minimal animal products, so I knew it was possible and not that hard to live dairy and meat free. And as I grew older I wanted to take better care of myself so I decided to go animal free (food wise).

    Today’s recipe is for this beautiful, fresh Smoothie bowl. Learn how to prepare it here.

     Ilka Elise B Fruit Smoothie Bowl Recipe

    If you are interested about learning more about my animal free diet make sure to come over to my blog IlkaEliseB.

    Thank you so much and see you … for the next episode. 

    Ilka, x 


    Darling readers - kindly note that Les Sublimes is not a "vegan" brand, however we do think that following a cruelty-free diet is AWESOME! We greatly admire all of you vegetarians and vegans out there and hope to encourage more people to incorporate sustainable eating habits into their everyday lives. A huge THANK YOU to Ilka for demystifying the word vegan and for showing us just how simple the transition to a plant-based diet can really be!





    • Les Sublimes

      Thank you Stella for your kind words! We couldn’t agree more with what you are saying. This brings new meaning to the saying: “trust your gut”! So happy to have you joining us here on Sublimely. Stay tuned xo

    • Stella

      I love how honest and educating this article was! Your body knows what it needs and what you should consume to make it healthier and happier. Great post! Can’t wait for the next episode!

    • Ilka Elise B

      Again, thank you so so much for the great opportunity.
      Much love Ilka x

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