3 Days + 8 Locations + 7 Styles + 5 Colors

This January we photographed our first Les Sublimes styles. We shot them around Paris on our model and alone in the studio. It was a big learning experience for us. We hope that you can learn from it too!


Les Sublimes First Photoshoot Made in France Collection Louise Kragh


The photoshoot: Our very first Made in France Collection products.

The Story: Street Style meets modern Paris City Guide.

The Photographer: London-based fashion photographer Louise Kragh, originally from Copenhagen, was balancing on top of ladders, lying on cobblestones, and everything in between. Anything to get the perfect shot!

The Model: Finnish beauty and one of the sweetest, most down to earth models out there, Suada Rrahmani. We were so lucky to stumble across Suada on Instagram. It was love at first sight!

The Makeup: A glowing no-makeup look. Colombian-born Dan Delgado gave us a beautiful minimal effect and one heck of a chic bold lip.

The Hair: Dan played double duty on hair, alternating between a casual messy bun and natural waves. 

The Crew: Alexis + Kachen. Our 3 interns: Dimitris (a.k.a. photographer's assistant and professional clothing wrinkler - check out our online store to see his quality wrinkle-making), Eva (expert ironer and clothing inspector), and Joanna (model keeper warmer extraordinaire and our extra set of hands). JB, who was so kind to take our behind-the-scenes photos, fetch snacks and carry heavy loads. Thanks team!!

The Styling: We went for understated Parisian cool. Any additional clothing and accessories are either model's own or were very generously lent to us by our Parisian Brand Ambassador, Audrey.

The Locations: Kachen's apartment - for all product images and studio shots with Suada. A ridiculously cool apartment we found on Airbnb (also doubling as accommodation for Louise & Dan!). Our favorite cool girl coffee shop - Cafe Madam on rue Saint Denis. Out and about in the Quartier Montorgueil. And last but not least, the oh so French Palais Royale.

The Gadgets: Canon EF 24-105mm, 2 Profoto portable lights, 1 big reflector screen.

The Playlist: Justin Bieber's Purpose CD, Adele (yes, Hello was on repeat), Beyonce, Madonna...


 Les Sublimes Photoshoot Behind the Scenes Lights

Les Sublimes Photoshoot Behind the Scenes Pokhara Tee Black

Les Sublimes Photoshoot Behind the Scenes Pokhara Tee White

Les Sublimes Photoshoot Behind the Scenes Tokyo Tank


Photos by Dimitris



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