August 10, 2017 | Food & Drink

Your Summer Guide to Drinking Organic Rosé

by Marina Mendes

Les Sublimes - Your summer guide to drinking rosé

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Rosé allll day: it’s the official motto of summer 2017, and for good reason. Whether for a pool party, evening drink, or Sunday brunch, rosé might just be your new go-to wine this season. Its versatility, lightness, and delicious flavor are just a few of the reasons we love this summer’s “it” drink.


How to pick a bottle

First off, don’t worry about the type of grape your rosé is made from. The process of making rosé makes the difference in flavor between grape varietals minimal.

Instead, pay attention to color. The transparency of a rosé will tell you a lot about its flavor. Darker colored bottles will taste richer and fruitier, while clearer rosés will be lighter and more refreshing. We recommend light-colored rosés for pool-side lounging, and darker rosé bottles for pairing with meals. But if you’d rather have a light rosé at dinner, no one’s judging.

If you want to get fancy, you can pay attention to where a rosé is from. If you’re looking for a dry rosé, a bottle made somewhere in Europe is probably a safe bet. Non-european rosés tend to be sweeter, though there are, of course, exceptions. If in doubt, choose a bottle from the rosé motherland: Provence, France.

And lastly, don’t spend more than $20 on a bottle. Rosés are one of the cheapest wines to produce, so you should always be able to find a great bottle for around $15.


How to serve

A wine connoisseur will tell you dry rosés need to be served in a tapered wine glass and sweet rosés in a flared wine glass. But we’re not here to get particular, so any white wine glass will do the job.

Okay, I lied, we are here to get particular – about one thing. Rosé is the type of wine you should definitely drink chilled. Either pop your bottle in the fridge a couple hours before drinking, or serve piscine (with ice cubes) on a hot day.

Rosé is great on its own, but can be even better paired with the right foods. Sweet rosés go wonderfully with seafood (like salmon, lobster, oysters) and cheese, while drier rosés are a perfect complement to heartier meals (like steak and grilled vegetables).


Château Léoube Secret Organic Rosé bottles

PHOTO: Château Léoube

Organic Rosé

It seems like most people now have hopped on the healthy-eating-train, but what about healthy drinking? Drinking wine is pretty much just eating smushed grapes (that get you drunk), so if you buy your grapes organic, you should be looking out for organic wines as well.

You can find organic rosés at most grocery/liquor stores. If in doubt, bet on Whole Foods or Trader Joes to have a good organic wine selection.

Some of our favorite organic rosés include Clos de l’Ours Grizzly and Château Léoube Secret Rosé. Check out this post for a full list of organic and sustainable rosés.


You are now a rosé master. Share this article with your wine bff and get your rosé on ;)

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