August 30, 2017 Style

The Pleasure Of Shopping Vintage

by Ilka Elise B

Shopping for vintage furniture

PHOTO: Ilka Elise B

I'm a huge fan of unique pieces, whether it's clothing, furniture or little treasures. I like to own items that not everybody has and that you can't find just anywhere -that's why I love shopping second-hand. When I was little, I got most of my clothes handed down from my cousins (and I loved them, old band tees or vintage Dolce & Gabbana), so I'm used to wearing second-hand clothes. The saying is true:
 One man's trash is another man's treasure.



Charity shops are some of the best addresses to find pre-loved clothes. A few of my favourite t-shirts are from goodwill. I once found a really cool cardigan in a little charity shop in York, UK. It was my absolute favourite garment for years, until I grew out of it and had to pass it down to my sisters. When shopping for vintage or refurbished interiors, I like to go to local second-hand furniture and antiques stores. Sometimes you can even bring old pieces you have lying around at home and they will refurbish them to your liking. Vintage shopping is also one of my very favourite activities when I'm traveling to a new destination. I always find things that I never would have had access to at home.


Ilka shopping for vintage clothing

PHOTO: Ilka Elise B


Some much stuff to sort through, so little time. So where do I start? 
My absolute favourite items to buy pre-loved are:

Nothing is cooler than a vintage tee from one of your favourite bands from the 80s. The material is so soft from years of lovin', and they have that cool, used-look.

Especially cookbooks and illustrated books. Old book just smell heavenly.

I bought my Longchamps bag almost 6 years ago, pre-loved. And it's still my favourite, most worn bag today. Nothing beats the price when buying second-hand. Over the years I've found some truly amazing deals!


Shopping for vintage clothing

PHOTO: Ilka Elise B

Shopping for old records Cats

PHOTO: Ilka Elise B

I really like watches. And that's why I always keep my eyes open for pretty jewelry when I'm at a charity shop. They also have really beautiful necklaces or bracelets from the 70s and 80s that you can layer.

I don't like my home to look of feel like I'm sitting in an IKEA catalogue. That's why I love buying refurbished homeware. In Germany, we don't have that many cool Home shops, such as West Elm or CB2. So instead I end up browsing for antiques.



It's so fun and easy! You can find incredible and unique pieces at amazing prices. The value for your money is unbeatable. As you start training yourself to spot that something special, and always keep your eyes open, you'll start to uncover many treasures. Shopping vintage and secondhand is also the most sustainable way to shop. You are supporting the environment because you don't buy fast fashion or fast furniture. And you are giving new life to beautiful things.


Ilka Elise B shopping for  homegoods

PHOTO: Ilka Elise B

Meet Ilka

Blogger Ilka Elise B

Skincare addict, homegoods lover, rosé drinker, mama to a cat and fresh flower admirer.

Currently based in Germany - Ilka has always been obsessed with writing and content creating. She worked at a local print magazine in university, has lived abroad in the UK, and started her own blog in 2016. On IEB you can find articles related to self-care, interiors, as well as beauty and art. Most of the time you will find Ilka at home, cuddling her cat, searching the web for inspiration & creating content. Other things she loves: exploring (especially new cities), writing letters, baking and Sundays.

Instagram: @ilkaeliseb


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