September 06, 2017 | Beauty

Non-Toxic Sunscreen We Love: Maelove!

by Marina Mendes

Clean mineral sunscreen by Maelove

PHOTO: Marina Mendes

We’re gonna keep this short and simple. Last month, we told you guys all about the ins and outs of sun safety and the dangerous chemicals hidden in many conventional sunscreens (if you missed the article or need a refresher, click here). Since then, we’ve done some research and discovered an SPF that meets all of our safe-sunscreen-criteria: The Sun Protector by Maelove.


Why we love it

Mineral sunscreens are finicky. They usually leave us feeling sticky and looking pasty – pretty much the opposite of what we want, especially when in a bikini. Lucky for us, a group of MIT graduates put their heads together and found a solution to this problem. The Sun Protector is a mineral sunscreen, but isn’t sticky, goopy, or chalky, and won’t make you break out. It also doubles as a makeup primer, which you should definitely be using, ladies!!

This sunscreen is:

√ 100% mineral-based (18% zinc oxide)

√ Nano-particle free

√ Paraben-free

√ Oxybenzone-, avobenzone-, octinoxate-, and homosalate-free

√ Sulfate- and phthalate-free

√ Fragrance- and dye-free

√ Vegan and cruelty-free

√ Hypoallergenic

√ Non-comedogenic

√ Fortified with antioxidants (Vitamins C and E)

… A.K.A. this stuff is amazing! The Sun Protector goes on smoothly and feels just as light as chemical sunscreen, but without all the toxic ingredients. Instead, it’s made of high quality, skin-loving ingredients for your dream SPF 30.

Oh, and did I mention this sunscreen was developed in Silicon Valley and took 3 years of trial-and-error to perfect? Does it get anymore legit? Seriously, you guys need to give it a try. My only complaint is that The Sun Protector was developed purely as a face sunscreen, so it only comes in small tubes. Hopefully Maelove will come out with a body sunscreen in the near future!


Maelove Sun Protector

PHOTO: Maelove

Where to find it

You can shop The Sun Protector at

Bonus: If you don’t like it, Maelove offers an unconditional guarantee for a full refund within 30 days. Plus, free shipping within the US. They make it too easy.


Let us know in the comments below if you know of any other awesome mineral sunscreens we should know about.

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