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by Alexis Assoignon

Lifestyle blogger Ilka Elise B is back as a contributing writer for Les Sublimes Paris in her third and final installment of "No Animals On My Plate, Please". Ilka shares her experiences and advice that she's gathered along her journey to becoming an (almost) vegan. For more insights, useful tips and delicious cruelty-free recipes, head over to Ilka's inspiring blog!


Hello. Nice of you to stop by for the final episode.

Ilka Elise B bowl of Nana's Ice Cream 


For part three I'll be talking about how to transition into a more nutritious diet, and give some tips on how to maintain this lifestyle change. So let's get started.

In the last episode I told you what a animal-free diet means to me. And maybe you agree and want to get started, but you have no idea how. Or perhaps you just want to introduce more cruelty-free products into your life. It can all be a little overwhelming, I know. But don't stress. It's all about you - and what makes you feel best.

 First of all: Take baby steps!

  • Replace a product like cow's milk with almond, soy or (my favorite) coconut milk. Nowadays there are loads of animal-free options at the supermarket. But don't go overboard. Start with just one little thing and go further when it feels 'normal' to you.
  • Set yourself goals. Like drinking more water or introducing an animal-free day into your week. And keep track of it. For example, I drink at least three liters of water, every day. I always keep a bottle with me, so I stay hydrated and know exactly how much I already drank.
  • Introduce more fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily life. For example there is one thing that's always on my grocery list and that's bananas. When you have healthy alternatives around, you're more likely to eat them.

Don't be too strict with yourself!

  • Allow yourself so­-called "cheat" days. When you forbid yourself from eating everything, you aren't happy. And when you're not happy, you'll be more likely to quit before you even begin.
  • When you really crave something (and by that I mean really REALLY crave it), it's likely something that your body or mind requires at the moment. And that's ok. Learn to differ want from need.
  • If you really don't want to live without something (for example, cow's milk in your coffee), it's ok. You can still eat and live responsibly, with the exception of milk in your coffee.

Don't be shy. Nobody cares if you have special eating habits!

  • Always check the ingredients list when you shop. Even if you're not vegan. It's good to know what you feed your body with. In a restaurant you can ask your server what the meal contains and change it to your needs. It's like ordering your steak medium or choosing a dressing. Everybody does it.
  • Don't keep it a secret (especially when you're invited for dinner). This way your host can be prepared. Even better - bring along a dish, like a big salad or something else that you enjoy eating, for everyone else to try.

Smile. Be nice. Stay humble.

For whatever reason and on whatever terms you choose a vegan-inspired diet, I hope you'll find a balance which helps you to live a happy and healthy life. May it be a meat-free day per week, cruelty-free makeup and skincare, becoming fully vegan (for a year or maybe forever) or just increasing your consumption of fresh produce and water. I believe it's about you. That you know what's best for your body.

Today's recipe is so simple that you don't really need a recipe. But it's my favorite dessert so I wanted to share it with you. Nana ice­ cream, a healthy alternative to normal ice­ cream. Read all about it here.

Ilka Elise B Nana's Ice Cream with Oreos

Ilka Elise B Nana's Ice Cream with crushed Oreo cookies

I had so much fun creating these three episodes about living an animal-free diet. And sharing my thoughts, tips and favorite recipes with you. I hope you have enjoyed the series and that you will take something from it that you can incorporate into your life.

If you have any questions or want to read more about my animal­-free diet, make sure to check my blog IlkaEliseB or get in contact with me via social media or email.

I also want to say a big thank you to the Les Sublimes team, especially Alexis who invited me to write this series. Thank you so much xxxxx

Much love,

Ilka, x


Darling readers - kindly note that Les Sublimes is not a "vegan" brand, however we do think that following a cruelty-free diet is AWESOME! We greatly admire all of you vegetarians and vegans out there and hope to encourage more people to incorporate sustainable eating habits into their everyday lives. A huge THANK YOU to Ilka for demystifying the word vegan and for showing us just how simple the transition to a plant-based diet can really be!



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