Moroccan Beldi Soap

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Ever heard of Moroccan black soap? Well, neither had we! Black soap, or sometimes referred to as beldi soap, is an all-natural plant based beauty product that has been used to treat and detoxify skin for centuries. The soap is an essential component of the hammam experience, which is a traditional steam bath house that Moroccans visit regularly to cleanse and detoxify in a relaxing environment.


So, what is it?

This powerful product originates from the Atlantic coast of Morocco, in a region called Essaouira. The soap is composed of completely natural ingredients – olives (or Argan oil), water, plant ash and mined salts. Once combined, the ingredients produce a thick, buttery paste that can be applied to the face and body. Because the base of the soap is olive oil pulp, it’s extremely rich in vitamin E and is an amazing emollient, exfoliator and moisturizer. The high vitamin E content also helps to revitalize and protect skin from signs of aging. It cleanses by removing dead cells and toxins, leaving your skin feeling soft and clean.


Why you’ll love it

Besides being incredibly detoxifying and moisturizing to the skin, Moroccan black soap is a completely safe and eco-friendly product. The simple ingredients used to create the paste are non-polluting and eco-friendly, as well as free from harmful fragrances and chemicals used in most skincare products today. The simple recipe also means that the soap is suitable for all skin types, and doesn’t leave skin feeling raw like many other scrubs can do.

Moroccan Beldi Soap

PHOTO: Kahina Giving Beauty

How to use it?

The most effective way to use black soap is by recreating the hammam spa ritual at home. Starting off in a hot shower (or sauna!) preps the skin by opening up the pores. Once you’ve soaked for about 5-10 minutes, begin massaging the soap over the skin. Leave it on for another 5-10 minutes before gently wiping it off using a kessa glove or loofah in a circular motion. Finish off by applying a hydrating moisturizer or skin oil. It can be used as an everyday soap, or as part of your weekly exfoliation.


Where you can buy it

Not planning a trip to Morocco anytime soon? We’ve got you covered. New York based brand Kahina Giving Beauty makes authentic beldi soap that can be purchased through their website for orders within the U.S, and shipped internationally through retailers like Sounds pretty amazing, right?


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