December 11, 2017 | Style

French Bérets: How To Wear The Season's Must-Have Accessory

by Alexis Assoignon

Earlier this year le béret made appearances at Dior and Gucci, signaling the comeback of France's most iconic accessory. After all, they're elegant, they're effortless and they look good on pretty much everyone. In honour of the season's "it" accessory, we've gathered some of our favourite beret moments & outfits. May they inspire you to infuse a little je ne sais quoi into your Winter look, and let out your inner French girl.


Style your beret with a winter coat

PHOTO: Pinterest

Kate Moss wearing a beret

PHOTO: Kate Moss

Style your beret with a leather jacket

PHOTO: Pinterest

Style your beret with a blazer

PHOTO: Pinterest

Style your beret with a turtleneck and skirt like at Les Sublimes

PHOTO: Les Sublimes

Style your beret with a classic trench coat

PHOTO: Pinterest

Style your beret with a wool coat

PHOTO: Pinterest

Catherine Deneuve wearing a beret

PHOTO: Catherine Deneuve

A beret winter city look

PHOTO: Pinterest

Charlotte Rampling wearing a beret

PHOTO: Korean Vogue

Wear your beret to the cafe

PHOTO: Pinterest

Brigitte Bardot wearing a beret

PHOTO: Brigitte Bardot

Cher wearing a beret in Clueless

PHOTO: Cher in Clueless

Style your beret with a pretty blouse

PHOTO: Pinterest

Miroslava Duma wearing a beret

PHOTO: Miroslava Duma

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