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5 Simple Ways to Make The Holidays More Sustainable

by Alexis Assoignon

While the holiday season overflows with good cheer, it’s also trailed by a larger-than-normal environmental impact - and no, we don’t mean coal. Here are our favourite decorating, gift-giving and all-around very joyful tips for enjoying a more sustainable and a more rewarding Christmas 2017.


1. Ain’t no plastic at my table

Plastic free Christmas dinner table setting

PHOTO: Apartment Therapy

If you think disposable cutlery and paper napkins look unattractive at the dinner table, wait until you see them at the landfill. It ain't pretty! Ok, so we’re all guilty of this faux-pas from time to time, but it wasn’t our fault…those forks were already in the takeout bag when we go it! But never-mind…holiday meals are the perfect time to pull out all the stops on that special dinner we’ve been dreaming of hosting, so let’s dress that table to impress. Think long term and invest in simple, long-lasting tableware, including cloth napkins, that you can dazzle guests with over and over again.


2. Less really is more

Les Sublimes Organic cotton tee and wool beret

PHOTO: GOTS organic cotton tee and Made in France wool Beret by Les Sublimes

We’re big believers in quality over quantity. Thoughtfully pick out presents that are meaningful to your loved ones. Get them something that they actually need or have been wanting for ages, but didn’t dare to spoil themselves with. See our sustainable gift guide for some ideas to get you started. And don't forget that store-bought gifts are not the only way to go. Sometimes a day at the spa, some one-on-one time, or a personalised momento can mean so much more to the ones you love.


3. Ditch traditional wrapping paper

Use a thrift store scarf to wrap your presents

PHOTO: Pinterest

Get creative and pack those presents in layers of vintage newspapers and old magazines, a reusable storage box or an artisanal basket. We love it when the wrapping becomes part of the gift itself, for example using beautiful cloths, scarfs or vintage shirts to wrap our presents. They will be sure to stand out among the crowd under the tree.


4. Try a bright solution

Use LED Christmas lights

PHOTO: Pinterest

LED Christmas lights are energy-efficient, saving you money and saving the environment. And as Mum used to say: don’t forget to switch off all the lights off before you go to bed!


5. Make your Christmas tree your daily companion

Try a potted Christmas tree

PHOTO: Pinterest

Who said that the tree has to go when the new year arrives? When it comes to creating a healthy and inviting home, we say the more plants the merrier. This year you could try a potted living Christmas tree (p.s. have you seen how incredible they look?). Or you can rent a tree if keeping a plant alive isn’t exactly your forte ( Another alternative to buying a temporary real tree - or much worse, installing an eco-très-unfriendly plastic tree - is to go the minimalist-chic route and get creative with your favourite indoor plant, bonsai or cactus. Your friends will wonder why they never thought of it!


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