October 15, 2015 Journeys


by Alexis Assoignon

Girl looking out over the colorful town


What you pack for a trip depends on the type of travel you will be doing, the destination, and the time of year. But there are some must-have items you will always need - and will be super thankful you brought! Here are our top 10 picks for things you cannot travel without.


    1. Big, comfy pashmina scarf


      Oversized llama wool scarf by Aiayu Lea Pashmina

      Lea Scarf (135) / Aiayu


      A big scarf doubles as a blanked on the plane and a pillow when you need to catch some impromptu zzz's. A beautiful pashmina adds style to any daytime outfit and elegance in the evenings. Wrap it around your head to protect your hair from the rain or use it as an extra layer when you are cold.


      2. Thick, oversized wool sweater

       Reformation Abbey Sweater Alpaca Charcoal

      Abbey Sweater ($228) / The Reformation


      Even most warm climates get cold in the evenings and have their chilly moments. Or maybe they over-do the air-conditioning. Regardless of the destination, we find that we usually don't bring enough warm clothes. Other times we just want to lounge around and relax in something cosy after a long day of exploring. Save on luggage space by wearing your biggest sweater on the airplane. It's always freezing in there anyway!


      3. Black leggings


      Wilfred Free by Aritzia Daria Pant Vegan Leather

      Daria Pant ($135) / Aritzia


      Leggings are so versatile - you can use them to layer when in gets cold, as pajamas, for doing sports, or just to lounge around. They match almost everything, just remember to keep that tush covered. And with all of the delicious food we eat when traveling, sometimes an elastic waist is the perfect accessory to any foreign smorgasbord.


      4. Knit hat


      Aritzia Beanie Toque Westling Hat Grey

      Westling Hat ($40) / Aritzia


      Sometimes you are having a bad hair day, sometimes it's windy, and other times it's just downright cold! Despite their wintery-ness, beanies and toques actually look stylish and cool all year round and with many different types of outfits. You can use yours when you're hiking up to that scenic view over the city or watching the sunset at the beach.


      5. Large tote bag that packs up small


      Classic pebbled leather tote Cuyana

      Classic Leather Tote ($150) / Cuyana


      We always travel with a large purse that goes with everything and can be packed small into our suitcase. It can double as a beach bag or be used to log home all of those extra purchases that you just had to have. We prefer to take a simple, classic looking design that will match all of our clothes. It also makes a great bag to take on the plane, with lots of room for all of your documents, books, electronics, a change of clothes and some toiletries.


      6. Flip flops

      Havaianas red gold flip flops

      Slim Flip Flops ($26) / Havaianas


      These are a travel hygiene must! From beaches to hotel room floors, public showers to hostels, flip flips play triple duty as sandals, water-proof shoes and slippers.


      7. Face Moisterizer with SPF


      Khiels Ultra Facial Moisterizer SPF 30

      Ultra Facial Moisterizer SPF 30 in 75ml ($18.50) / Kiehl's


      It is easy to forget to apply sunscreen when traveling. Especially when the weather changes throughout the day. And many destinations may not always feel super hot out, but have a very strong sun. Any time you plan on spending a few hours outdoors, regardless of the time of year, it is best to plan ahead with a 2-in-1 moisturizer sunscreen. It is also great for keeping skin hydrated when flying. Apply generously!


      8. Convertible cheek and lip color

      Stile Cosmetics Convertible Color lips and cheeks compact

      Convertible Color in Petunia ($25) / Stila Cosmetics


      Another awesome 2-in-1 beauty product, dual lip and cheek colors are a globetrotter's must. Dot a little color on your cheeks to look instantly revived after a long flight. Add some to your lips and you have an evening make-up look. It can be hard to follow your regular beauty routine when traveling, so products like this make it easier. We like to think of it as instant-pretty in a compact.


      9. Eye mask + earplugs

      Zara Home Printed Silk Eye MaskFloral Motif Silk Eye Mask (6.99) / Zara Home


      A good eye mask and set of ear plugs are an essential for any light sleeper. They come in super handy on planes or when you need to get some sleep during the daytime. Often hotels have thin walls or you get a room that looks out onto a noisy street. Maybe you are staying in a hostel or your travel companion has a bad case of the snores. When you can't sleep at 4am you will be thankful to have these!


      10. Headlamp

      Petzl Turquoise Headlamp for Women


      Petzl Tikka + Headlamp ($39.95) / Amazon


      This might not be an obvious choice for many of you, but we have never taken a trip when our headlamp didn't come in handy for one reason or another. Of course they are really useful for camping and trekking, but can also be a lifesaver when walking down a dark street at night back to your hotel. In developing countries the power can often be unreliable, stranding you in the dark at any occasion. We also find head lamps helpful to have on overnight trains, to use as a reading light, as a replacement for the burnt out lamp in the hotel, or for late night toilette breaks when you don't want to wake your roommate. Dropped something under the bed? Or rummaging through your purse without enough light? Seriously, the number of unexpected times we have needed our headlamp is astounding!



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