Quite possibly the coolest pope in history, the simple and modest Pope Francis is currently visiting Washington to advocate several of his religiously-progressive ideas. He spoke yesterday on the White House South Lawn about the undeniable existence of climate change and the urgent need for action. The compassionate leader of the Catholic church stressed to a crowd of over 11,000 that the phenomenon could "no longer be left to a future generation", and showed strong support for President Obama's climate agenda, referencing his Clean Air Initiative.

Hopefully the moral authority of Pope Francis will help to convince people who either don't believe in climate change, or who don't care, to think twice about the environmental and ethical implications of their actions. This speech is definitely an important step in the right direction towards creating long-term solutions.

The pro-sustainability Pope made several other important points during his speech. You can watch all of the highlights in this video from the PBS NewsHour.




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