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Now knee-deep in winter, it's time to re-think our cold weather skincare routines. If you live somewhere with four seasons like me, it's starting to get really cold, windy and wet out. That's why I incorporate a few extra steps into my beauty ritual. All in hopes of helping my skin survive the winter. Next time you find your skin leaning towards the drier and sensitive side, give these simple tips a try.


Firstly, don't skip the SPF!

Even though we aren't feeling the warmth of the sun, the harmful rays are just as strong as in summer. Especially the UVA rays, which are responsible for skin aging (ick). That's why dermatologists suggest a primer or moisturizer with at least SPF 30. I really like the Eve Lom Flawless radiance Primer with SPF 30.


Second, switch out your moisturizer for a heavier version

"The greater the oil content, the better the absorption through the skin barrier to hydrate the tissue," Dr. Paul J. Frank- Cosmetic Dermatologist. Besides my moisturizer, I like to apply a facial oil (especially at night or when I'm outside for a walk). My facial oil of choice is the Weleda sensitive skin facial oil. I dab a few drops into my skin before leaving the house or going to bed. It's really quick and easy, and for me it's been a real game-changer.


Third is something you should avoid - hot water

I know, a long, hot bath is the best, especially when it's cold outside. But you're not doing your skin any favours. So limit the length and temperature when showering or bathing. Because even though a hot shower may feel good at first, it can make your skin more sensitive to the cold and can even cause redness, itching, and cracking. So try to maximize your showers to 15 minutes.


Finally, wear gloves when you go outside

Not just to keep your hands warm but also to protect them against the other effects of the cold, like dryness and cracking. I like to lather my hands in rich hand cream and then put my gloves on. It's almost therapeutic. This way they stay soft and smooth all winter long. Also, don't forget about your feet. Make sure to moisturize them in the mornings and at night. This way they don't become rough or cracked. My favorite is the Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail body butter.


For more tips about winter skin care, check out this post on my blog.


What are you favourite tips for glowing skin in winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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