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Leading a sustainable lifestyle is far from easy. Every day we are faced with a plethora of decisions about what to eat, what to wear, and how to shop. These choices can often leave us feeling confused, helpless, and definitely overwhelmed. Luckily, the internet can make this process a little easier for us! There are so many apps available these days that make tracking, choosing and learning about sustainable products much more enjoyable. Below are some of our top picks for making the conscious lifestyle a little less daunting.


The GoodGuide App

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The GoodGuide

GoodGuide.Com is an awesome website and iPhone/Android application that allows consumers to receive scientific evaluations based on the environmental, social and health impacts of a product. All you have to do is scan the barcode of an item to receive a 0-10 rating based on toxic or harmful ingredients. The higher the rating, the better! This app gives you access to information and ratings for more than 75,000 products; ranging from personal care to groceries, to household cleaning items. You can even read personalized reviews from members of the GoodGuide community, and leave comments for your favourite brands.


GoodOnYou App

PHOTO: GoodOnYou

Good On You

The Good On You app is the perfect tool for those who want to make a difference while they shop for clothing. This app uses a unique methodology that rates how a brand treats their workers, surrounding environment and animals. Ratings are derived by aggregating rankings from groups like Behind the Barcode and Greenpeace, and certifications like Fair Trade and Organic, in addition to each brand’s own publicly reported policies and commitments. Not only does this tool allow us to check up on our favorite labels, it connects us to truly ethical brands that have been highly rated within the Good On You community. You even have the chance to receive exclusive offers from top-rated brands.


Orange Harp App

PHOTO: Orange Harp

Orange Harp

Orange Harp is similar to the above apps, but instead of providing ratings for the most common brands, it provides consumers with a curated collection of eco-friendly and sustainable products right on their phone. The app lets you shop for a variety of high-quality goods that are made with either natural or recycled materials, are environmentally-friendly, come from brands who support fair working conditions, and so on. Think Etsy, but geared towards sustainability. Many of the brands featured on the app have a give-back element to their company as well. One example is Mitscoots, which is a company that employs the homeless to package their stylish socks in Austin, and donates one pair for every pair sold to someone in need.


Think Dirty App

PHOTO: Think Dirty


The ThinkDirty app is for those of us who love cosmetics and personal-care products, but hate the harmful ingredients that typically come with them. This tool allows consumers to scan the bar-codes of over 550,000 products across the US and Canada to receive a 1-10 rating concerning the potential health risks presented by an item. The “Dirty Meter” presents easy to understand information about ingredients, certifications and health impacts. The “My Bathroom Rating” provides users with a rating on what is already in their bathroom, and allows you to track your progress while “cleaning it up”. The app even allows you to purchase products directly through, and


More than ever before, sustainable living is moving into the mainstream. But with so many choices available to us, it is still difficult to pick the right products for our environment and for our health. The apps listed above make shopping for ethical products a fun and informative process. What are some of your favorite ethical apps and websites? Let us know in the comments below!


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