September 07, 2015 Purpose


by Alexis Assoignon

Hello global citizens and chic nomads,

We are super excited to be launching our new blog in advance of our webshop (Coming early 2016). This is a special space where we will be sharing news, recommendations and cool discoveries all related to our favorite things - fashion, travel and sustainability. Turns out these things aren't so unrelated after all - and we aim to bring them together here at Sublime World.

We hope that in reading our blog, you will get to know us better. And hopefully it will allow us to get to know you too! Please read, share, comment, and become part of our global community of changemakers.

Want to become a contributor or share an idea for an article? We want to hear from you!

Be inspired, spread the love & join us in #fashionablereform

Team Sublime


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